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Welcome to SHOU「To create a better future life for you, it is the source of SHOU's continuous efforts to pursue innovation.」

SHOU is a brand with everything from product design, raw material procurement to mass production manufacturing. Solid Year Group invests a fixed proportion of expenses on the technology development and R&D team every year, integrates the latest technology, and continuously develops innovative products, leading the industry and gaining Customers agree and applaud.

What SHOU brings you is a brand new experience and concept of consumer electronic goods. Shou will design and integrate all products based on this concept. Through the Internet, smart mobile devices and cloud computing, we will construct a people-oriented life experience. With the development of customized and personalized characteristics, we will provide users with the most unique technology experience through the supply of product hardware, software and services.

SHOU's vision for the future expects that MIT's high-quality products will grow stronger at home and abroad. Develop the brand, start from Taiwan, establish a good reputation and higher visibility in the country, and gradually expand into Japan and Southeast Asia. The ultimate goal is to strive to become famous in the global international market.

SHOU members are attentive and serious about their own requirements and expectations, and adhere to the concept; the company's execution power from top to bottom. In addition, in addition to being responsible to the company, we also have responsibilities and obligations to the land of Taiwan-on this land where we live, we should make contributions to make it more valuable, and implement corporate social responsibilities with the thinking of sustainable operation.

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