UGREAT Electronic Co., Ltd.(SHOU) - Customer Service

Our greatest goal is to satisfy our customer completely. Every SHOU staff is responsible for providing the highest quality service. To achieve this, each staff continuously evaluates and improves the quality of our own work.

UGREAT Electronic Co., Ltd. guarantee all products have been tested thoroughly and during the course of production, manufacturing, assembly, damages to materials or parts will be avoided at costs. Please refer to the following the situations, conditions and restrictions for warranty services when requesting assistance from SHOU.

WARRANTY IS ONLY VALID WHEN PRESENTED TOGETHER WITH ORIGINAL COPY OF INVOICE OR RECEIPT as the warranty period will be from the date on the invoice / receipt. Any alteration or incomplete information on this warranty card and invoice / receipt will render the warranty void.

Our warranty terms and conditions as the below,

(1) The warranty covers only manufacturing defects of the product under normal usage.

(2) During the warranty period, dealer shall arrange for repair or replacement of defective product or parts in accordance with the manufacturer, UGREAT Electronic Co., Ltd.

(3) UGREAT Electronic Co., Ltd., to provide the date of purchase for a period of 12 months the host guarantees accessories for the three-month warranty (please attach the original invoice / proof of purchase).

(4) Without prejudice to the above, the warranty shall not cover parts due to wear and tear.

(5) This warranty does not include any loss of data within the product although efforts will be put to recovery where possible.

(6) Product shall be void of warranty in the event of the following conditions.

i. The product had been subject to unauthorized modifications, alterations or unauthorized repairs.

ii. Original invoice/receipt is not presented along with this warranty card.

iii. The product serial number had been defaced or removed.

iv. Warranty card is altered or incomplete including dealer's stamp, which should be in accordance to original receipt.

(7) If the guarantee card is lost, it won't provide again.

(8) Above maintenance guarantee, it needs to present the proof of purchase. If not, the fee of maintenance will be charged.

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