Driving Recorder - Sniper VR-01

1. Where is the driving recorder mounted?

A: The driving recorder is typically mounted onto the vehicle’s front windshield or dash board with optional purchase of dash stand.

2. How is the driving recorder powered?

A: Using the supplied DC power adapter, the driving recorder is powered through the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. However, the design of the power supply from a cigarette charger varies by each model from car manufacturer. We recommend to test or check the user manual of your car for more details.

3. What is the recording time of the driving recorder?

A: Size of recording file can be set in unit of 1, 3, or 5 minutes. Number of files varies with capacity of the Micro SD card. See below for fast estimates.

4. What kinds of memory card should I buy?

A: Please note that the Micro SD is optional. Please purchase one of Class 6 and 4GB or higher capacity for your product.

5. How can I view my recorded videos?

A: There are three methods to view the videos recorded on your driving recorder:

Driving recorder’s Screen – Directly playback on the dashboard camera by entering the playback mode using the “MODE” button.

Computer – Unplug your SD or Mini SD card from the driving recorder and plug you’re your computer. You can view your videos from your computer or connect your camera to a computer with the supplied USB cable. The camera will enter into Mass Storage mode, which allows the camera to act as a USB Flash Drive.

Television – Output via HD Output to a HD enabled television

6. Do I need to turn on the driving recorder every time I start my car?

A: No, the driving recorder will automatically turn on and start recording.

7. What are the functions to press Upward and Downward selection key during recording?

A: Press upward selection key during recording to stop audio recording,
press downward selection key to turn on Emergency Recording.