Computex 2015:育鴻電子有趣又特殊的鍵盤投影機

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在經過他們攤位時,就對這個鍵盤投影機很有興趣。不過當時還沒接觸時有一點小小的誤會,就是我以為這是內含系統的鍵盤,也就是表面鍵盤,但其實是完整機能的主機,類似於華碩Eee Keyboard的概念。



投影機部分,亮度150流明,支援4:3或16:9 畫面,並內建3W喇叭

Work anywhere with a wall, with a keyboard that's also a projector

If you're short on space at home, the Sho U KiBoJet pico projector-keyboard combo can turn a blank wall into a monitor.

TAIPEI -- Taiwanese company Sho U wants to show you its latest invention, the KiBoJet, a keyboard that cleverly features a built-in pico projector.

We've seen smart keyboards powered by software like Android, such as the OneBoard, but KiBoJet just runs a basic video and picture player. Before you turn your nose up, you can plug in a computer via its HDMI port and get the full-fledged desktop experience. The model above is running Windows 10 via the tiny Intel Compute Stick.

The KiBoJet keyboard comes with a built-in pico projector. Aloysius Low/CNET

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The KiBoJet's pico projector offers 150 lumens of brightness, which should be visible under most indoor lighting. It has a full-HD resolution, and is capable of projecting an image of 21 inches wide up to 33 inches, though this spec is not yet finalized. I found the quality of the projection to be passable, but bear in mind this was a working prototype that Sho U rushed to get ready for the show, so the final product may be a lot better.

Other hardware bits include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, as well as built-in 3W speakers. One cool thing I noticed was that the keyboard was rocksteady. No matter how quick or forceful I was when pressing down on the keys, the image from the pico-projector didn't even twitch.

The KiboJet unit shown off here at Computex also came with Intel's Compute stick built-in for demo purposes. When the keyboard is finally released in the first half of next year, you'll need that or something similar if you want to use the KiboJet as a PC, or you could pick up a Miracast dongle and project your smartphone's screen through the keyboard.